Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

We all feel monotonous at some point in life and don’t really know things to do except those typical dates where we go out for a movie and dinner after that. No one wants their partner to feel bored in a relationship because when the charm fades, you feel bored. 

These date ideas come in a budget and are fun to do. 

Movie Night In The Backyard 

One thing you can do to bring some outdoor cinema vibes at home is bring the cinema home. Go to your backyard and set up a projector. It is very easy to rent a projector. Play old romantic movies or a Disney movie, whatever you prefer as a couple. Then set a picnic basket, a blanket and lots of pillows. Get some food, wine, and enjoy your movie under the starts. 

Candle Light Dinner 

To make things a little more fancy, bring your fine dining experience at home by making a fancy three course meal for two along with some good wine. Dim the lights and light some good candles. Make your table and use good cutlery and play some good music in the background. Also, since it is a proper dinner date, wear something formal too. After you are done with the dinner and desert, get on the floor and slow dance to your favorite songs. 

Bake off Challenge 

If you want to do something fun, and interesting, challenge each other for a bake off.  Get the ingredients and set a time limit. Pretend like you are in a baking competition and are both professionals. Make each other’s favorite desert and ask your partner to judge the dish for you. In end, enjoy the deserts with some good iced coffee. 


When you want to have a therapeutic date with your love, stream some good yoga TV shows on your TV and follow the instructor along with your partner. For good TV and internet packages in a bundle, check out Xfinity tv packages that come in bundle packages in a budget and you can stream live shows on your TV. Meditating together in a relationship spreads positive vibes and energies and keeps the relationship strong, happy and healthy.

Paint Off

If you want to bring something fun, therapeutic and artistic in your life, do paint off challenges with your partner. Challenge each other to paint for the other and give each other a time limit and a theme. Follow the theme and be creative. Show your partner your art piece at the end of the challenge and be the judge for the other. Get the art framed and hang it on the wall with the name and date of your challenge. 

Game Night

Do something fun and challenge each other on a game night. Play chess, uno, scrabble, or monopoly. Get some snacks and beer bottles and to that game of yours and see who wins. Playing board games has always been fun and never gets boring, especially if you are playing chess. So, order some good food, play some music, and get playing. 

S’mores Date Night 

Get some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate syrup and go to your backyard and light some fire. Make some hot chocolate, play some good music, get those fairy lights on and have s’mores on the bonfire. These small different activities and dates keep your relationship interesting and fun and if you are a sweet tooth this is the perfect date for you. 

Build a Fort

If you are still a child at heart, this date idea is perfect for you. Build a fort out of blankets, cartons, and cushions with your partner and put fairy lights inside. Play some feel good movie and bring your laptop inside the fort along with some popcorns and hot cocoa. Watch the movie inside your fort and enjoy your cute little date. 

SPA Date

If you want to feel fancy and good with your partner, have a spa date at home. Make some arrangements in the house, and give each other good massages with products that have soothing and relaxing ingredients. Play some relaxing music, and pamper your skin and yourself. 

Visit a Museum Online 

A very underrated date night idea for you, if you are an art lover is a virtual Museum tour. There are several museums that have online collections for you to view on you device. So, find these museums out on the web and take an online tour with your partner. Get some wine and appreciate the art and history with your love. 

We often feel like every day feels the same after spending some time with our partner. To make things interesting and fun in your relationship, try to make each day fun and interesting even if you don’t have the complete day off, do something different for yourself and your partner every day. 

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