Most often, summer recipes refer to pre-cooked dishes, crispy salads and other dishes that deserve the refreshing label. That’s fine but sometimes you need to cool down in something more comfortable after a long hectic day at work. It’s time to fire up the oven and add something creamy and cheesy to your summer fare, or cook up a juicy fruit cobbler that will make you eat a big scope of ice cream. Always check weather data before stepping out of your home. 

Here are some tasty recipes which you can try in summer regardless of the temperature outside.

Bacon Nachos with Cheese Sauce

The stuffed nachos are the ultimate comfort food. Perfect for a movie night or a sunny afternoon to enjoy with friends and family. You can top the nachos with smoked pork, green onion, jalapenos and cream cheese sauce.

Spiced sweet potato with avocado and basil salsa 

You can enjoy this crispy sweet potato with veggie burgers seasoned with cumin chilli and ginger. This will surely make your day.

 Chocolate chip cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches  

For a serious and supper-convenient dessert, the ice cream sandwich is hard to beat. Try making your favourite vanilla ice cream with American-style chocolate chip cookies. This is supper delicious. 

Crushed  Oats and Berries 

Oats are crushed with berries. Crumbles are a year-round dessert, but this oatmeal lets those summer flavours shine. Use whatever you have on hand, such as strawberries,  raspberries,  blackberryries, currants or gooseberries. If you can’t find fresh fruits use frozen.

Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich

Cut the chicken off the bone for this delicious sandwich that’s perfect for lunch or dinner. The chicken salad mix can be made a day ahead for added convenience when assembling the sandwich. Make extra Caesar dressing for salads.

Black Forest Pudding

A fruity dessert full of cherries, and fruits topped with cream for a delicious twist on the classic summer pudding. This is the best way to use the leftover bread.

Grilled salmon tacos with avocado salsa

This delicious dish can be prepared in just thirty-five minutes. A tasty meal of salmon fillet,  creamy avocado spicy onion and garlic yoghurt sauce served on a crispy skin.

Aubergine and Chickpea Curry

If you want to try some curry in summer then this vegan dish will surely satisfy you. Fresh tomatoes and coconut milk are simmered in a hearty spicy sauce and peas are added for additional garnish. You can also have it with homemade nan and mango chutney.

 Eton Mess Cheesecake

This delicious dessert is an epic summer dish. A creamy cheesecake with mini meringue, seasoned strawberries and edible flowers on a crunchy base.

Barbecued meatball kebabs 

You can enjoy a sunny day by heating the grill to make Middle Eastern meatballs. Add spices like Harissa, mint, coriander, ras el etc to add flavour. Roll it in a tahini-slathered bread and enjoy. 

Tomato and courgette risotto

To prepare this Italian rice dish use plenty of summer vegetables. Then add a bit of mascarpone and a generous amount of grated cheese for extra creaminess.

Best comfort meals for hot summer days

Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

This is a super easy dish to be served in summer with your slow cooker. Top the tacos with shredded purple cabbage, jalapenos and radish or you may choose the toppings according to your taste. This is an easy chicken salad mix. It can be prepared in just 15 minutes recipe. You can serve it over crunchy lettuce leaves, wheat tools or vegetables. 

Prawn tagliatelle with courgettes

You can make this shrimp and zucchini tagliatelle in just 20 minutes.  The ingredients used are garlic, lemon and chilli. This is healthy, tasty and easy to make.

Simple sausage traybake

You can use sausage as the base for this easy casserole. Fill it with artichokes,  tomatoes, new potatoes and fresh pesto. This is best served with French bread.

Vegan katsu curry

You can enjoy a vegetarian katsu curry with crispy golden tofu. Try them served with rice, herbs, cucumber and carrot ribbons.


To beat the scorching summer heat with comfort food you can prefer these recipes which are easy to make and tasty to eat Summer is best enjoyed sitting at house and enjoying mouth-watering foods.

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