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With Covid 19 rapidly spreading across the country, only the major amount of vaccination drive can be a safe escape from the pandemic. The health warriors have also been exploring the convalescent plasma therapy as a proper preventive measure in order to fight novel corona virus. In fact, few of the trials have worked on patients who have been infected by the virus.

As the infection is spreading widely, a lot of people do getting infected and many of them need hospitalisations as well. In those cases, one can get the ambulance number in Gurgaon which can immediately transfer a patient to the hospital. And if the patient turns critical then plasma therapy can work on them as a treatment procedure. But whose plasma can be used here? Well, in case of this disease, it has to be the plasma donated by the people who have already suffered from the virus and have recovered from it. The Covid 19 patients can now donate plasma after 2 weeks from their recovery.

But one may wonder, what exactly is plasma therapy? Well, this therapy mostly aims at using antibodies from the blood of a recovered Covid 19 patient to treat those people who are critically infected by the virus. Plasma is a kind of a component which contains virus fighting antibodies. It is just like a blood donation but here, the same plasma gets separated from the blood and the remaining blood can be transferred back the body so that the donor faces zero blood loss. This entire procedure is completely harmless the donor faces no sickness, pain or dizziness.

It is said that the ideal blood type for plasma donations are AB+ and AB-. This is because; AB is the universal blood type for plasma donations and so it can be given to any patients with any blood type. It is kind of critical in case of trauma care where there is not enough time to test the blood type just prior to transfusion. A plasma donation by the AB donors can always ensure that one donor can give more plasma to help more virus infected patients. Individuals can donate plasma every 28 days and in this particular case, they can just start donating 14 days after recovery.

Who is eligible for plasma therapy?

Patients who have moderate symptoms of the disease like cough, fever, shortness of breath and oxygen saturation in between 90 to 94 percent or the respiratory rate of 24 or more and then a progressive increase in the requirement of oxygen even after the use of steroids.

Benefits of plasma therapy

  • Though it can financially help donors but in this pandemic situation, this donation has to be done voluntarily.
  • It allows people to help others.
  •  A regular donation of plasma can improve health.
  • Plasma helps people with medical needs.
  • Plasma donation is a relatively safe process.
  • The donation process might reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol levels in donors.
  • The donation brings about positive psychological and physiological effects on the donor.

One can voluntarily sign up for plasma donation in Gurgaon if they have recovered from the disease recently.

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