What to Do After Your Motorcycle Crashes with a Car in Georgia 

Motorcycle crashes with a car are not uncommon in Georgia. Oftentimes, the most common injuries sustained by motorcycles in car crashes include broken bones and road rash. Riders can also suffer from lung contusions, brain injury, and spinal cord damage. If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident with a car in Georgia, here are some steps to take:

  1. Stop your motorcycle, exchange information

The first thing you need to do if you get into a crash with a car is to stop your motorcycle. After doing so, make sure that you exchange information with the driver of the automobile you crashed into. This is important because you will need the information later on when filing your insurance claim. You should also gather important information, such as the driver’s name, their insurance company, and contact numbers. 

  1. Seek immediate medical care

The most important thing to do after a motorcycle crash with a car is to seek immediate medical care. While you may not feel the pain right away, there is always a chance of serious injuries that can lead to future complications and even death. So, be sure that you visit a hospital or doctor’s office within 24 hours of the incident and get yourself checked out for any wounds or other damages. This way, you will be able to identify any issues right away before they worsen.

  1. Report the crash to the police

If you were involved in a motorcycle crash with a car, you should always report the incident to police officers. This is crucial for your own safety as it gives you proof that there was an accident and might even lead to insurance claims. You should also try to document the accident scene through photographs or videos as it would help you as evidence later in the case.

  1. Consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer

If you were injured in a motorcycle crash with a car, you might want to consider consulting with a motorcycle accident lawyer. As a result of the crash, it’s possible that you incurred heavy medical bills and other costs due to injuries sustained. A lawyer can provide more insight on how you will get compensated for the damages that resulted from the incident. They might also be able to help you explore your legal options and protect your rights as well.

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